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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

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DU Book Guide


DU Book Guide’ is an initiative to help the students with one of the most common issues they face i.e., to avail proper information. Be it the matter of keeping oneself updated with important data like dates, cut-off and college ranking; understanding the registration process, information bulletin, finding out what are some of the top colleges which you can apply for, what are the document required and even after getting admission into your preferred college and course, things like what are the most recommended books for a particular paper of the particular semester and course, information about semester exams, its schedule, and other academic-related queries are what students often need help with.

The University of Delhi is one of the most sought-after institutions of the country ( NIRF 2020 ranking: 11) with more than 1.4 lacs + regular students with around 63,000 new admissions each year. Many students want to get admission to the University of Delhi but they don’t have any idea bout the process, its colleges, cut-offs, etc. Naturally, they tend to look for information through different online and offline sources. They have to go through a lot of articles, watch many videos, or ask too many people to fully understand the process.

DU Book Guide brings you the resources to help you with all that at one place and save your time and effort. We keep you updated with the latest important information through our website and social media. We also have saved you the effort to look for different people to ask things by bringing them all to one place that is, ‘DUBookGuide Forum’, and forms a community. Here you can discuss different related topics and ask questions that will be answered by our forum moderators, as well as other members, and everyone can benefit from each other’s knowledge. By becoming a member of the forum, you can also follow different forum topics and also subscribe to stay updated with the latest actions on your posts and the posts you follow.

Our effort to help doesn’t just end after admission. We help you with finding the most recommended books semester-wise along with authors as per the latest syllabus of your course and even provides you an option to go directly to the online store and purchase it, thus saving your time and effort again. And apart from all this, if anyone needs any other related help, they can always reach out to us through the contact button at the bottom right, social media, or mail us.



This section of takes you to the list of subjects of different courses being taught at the undergraduate level at the University of Delhi like Botany, Psychology, Economics, Political science, and others. There you can choose a particular subject by clicking on the button and you will be redirected to the list of books and their authors arranged semester-wise and paper-wise.

The pre-university section of is created with the purpose to help students with the list of books of different subjects to prepare themselves before they get to the university. This section is especially helpful for those who want to study a new subject different than what they have studied up to now or those who want to revise or prepare before college starts.

Many students often prepare for different competitive exams while studying in college like UPSC, SSC, CAT, IELTS, etc. The competitive exams section brings you the latest syllabus, a link to the official website, and also a few recommended books to prepare for the respective exams.

You can never read enough and in today’s world reading is not limited to only textbooks and academic books, or even to only paperbacks or hardcovers. Now you can read wherever you go without the hassle of carrying so many books, on your device through e-books. The Kindle e-books section guides you to some of the best free e-books and paid e-books with the best deals, be it novels, storybooks, or even textbooks and competitive exam books.

DUBOOKGUIDE Forum is an initiative to build a community of students of the University of Delhi where they can interact and help each other with issues ranging from the admission process to book recommendations and everything academic-related. It consists of two sub-section:

In this section, certain suggested topics are updated regularly which you can talk about and discuss with the forum moderator and other members. You can also follow the post by becoming a member of and stay updated with the latest views on the topic presented by others. Members can continue the discussion by maintaining the website’s terms of use. Members can also request if they want a new discussion topic to be added through the contact button on the right bottom of the page.

In this section, you can directly ask your doubts by posting a question that can be answered by the forum moderators or other members of Being a part of this community one can also share the answer to questions asked by someone else if they know the correct answer and benefit from each other’s knowledge, building a stronger community.


We wish you have a happy journey with us! Happy Exploring!

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